Greg Keys

​Favourite ROA song: The Final Countdown

Favourite ROA band: Meat Loaf
​Roland Jupiter 80 synthesizer
Korg Krome 61 workstation

Novation Ultranova synthesizer

Roland SH-201 synthesizer

Daren Reece Lamberton

​Favourite ROA song: Hold the Line
Favourite ROA band: Whitesnake

Sonor drums

​Zyldjian cymbals

Mike Jay
Bass guitar and backing vocals

​Favourite ROA song: Jump
Favourite ROA band: Van Halen

Sandberg California TM5 bass
​G&L L2500 5 string 
passive/active basses

Amped PF210 and PF115 HLF cabinets

AKG wireless instrument system

The Band

Meet The Band

Here in the ROA experience, we let the music do the talking. These are our picks for favourite songs to perform, ROA band we'd most like to be in and the equipment that we use.

Andy Earnshaw
Vocals, backing vocals and guitar

​Favourite ROA song: I Want it All
Favourite ROA band: Guns'n'Roses
​Shure beta 58, GLX-D wireless reciever system, Maverick X1 guitar

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Jess D'Silva
Vocals, backing vocals

​Favourite ROA song: Alone
Favourite ROA band: Joan Jet & the Blackhearts
​Shure SM58,

Shure 58 Beta

Ian Aird

​Favourite ROA song: Nothin' but a Good Time
Favourite ROA band: Def Leppard
​Blackstar amplification, Ibanez guitars with screaming demon pickups

Yamaha acoustic guitars

Boss GT100 multi effects